Benduino Dome AIO

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The Benduino system is a derivative of the popular Marcduino 1.5 compact, created by Mowee.

It is responsible for managing various animations such as panel movement, lights, and sound for the droid. This system was developed in 2020.

The original code rights for the Marcduino V2 firmware are owned by CuriousMarc and Neil Hutchinson, while the rights for the Marcduino V3 firmware belong to Neil Hutchison. Additionally, the original rights for the Flthy code are held by FlthyMcNasty (Ryan Sondgeroth).

The benefits over the Marcduino compact 1.5 are:

  • the firmware is running on a standard Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz (or Nano) -> cheaper and faster than soldering your own Arduino board
  • fully compatible with the Betterduino and Marcduino firmware
  • all (well most) needed pins are available as terminals
  • comes in 3 variations that allow more compact and cheaper pcbs with full or even more functions
  • no more brownouts
  • can be used as BodyMaster there’s a special Flashfile to adjust servo movement, travel, direction & speed (see Astrocomms)

Available at

The Benduino Pro (Dome) AIO v1.x:

The Benduino Pro (Dome) AIO is the largest Benduino available. Its PCB includes 3 Arduino Pro Minis: Master,Client, and Flthy Holosystem.

This design reduces the need for excessive wiring and makes it more compact.

There are 3 power terminals, one providing system power up to 12V and the other 2 for the servos. It is recommended to use a stable 5V input for the servos, which can also be backfed to the system by placing jumpers.

(In older revisions, there were 2 voltage regulators included. The smaller one powered the Arduinos with lower power requirements, while the larger one provided 6V and ~2.5A to the servos, supported by capacitors.)

All necessary pins are screw terminals, and you can select whether to use the Astrocomms or not using the dip switch selector.

Newer revisions come with a RJ45 Connector. For easier wiring to the Astrocomms/Slipring.

Dimensions: 101 x 71mm

The attached FlthyHP v1.9 Dome AIO sketch is only for the Benduino Dome AIO in combination with the Astrocomms!

The Benduino Pro AIO v2.x:

The Arduinos used are Nanos, which is the only distinction. The setup process is made simpler through the serial monitor, thanks to the presence of onboard USB ports. Firmware flashing, however, still requires the use of the ISP headers on the Nanos.
Additionally, the positions of the Arduinos and some pins have been altered, but all the necessary labels are provided on the board.

This is a Benduino Pro AIO compared to a regular Marcduino 1.5 compact:

Benduino Dome AIO vs Marcduino 1.5

Uploading Firmware:

If you have the Pro Mini version, there are the ISP Pins on the board. If you have a Nano Version use the ISP headres on the Arduino Nano.

To upload Betterduino Firmware follow this guide:

Use correct Fuse settings!
Betterduino Firmware:
L: 0xFF
H: 0xD7
E: 0x07

To upload Marcduino Firmware follow this guide (Benduinos are compatible with v2 & v3 software):

The programming pins are next to each Arduino. Flthy Arduino gets programmed via the pins and a USB-FTDI Adapter.

During upload remove all connected Servos!

Use correct Fuse settings!
Marcduino V2 Firmware:
L: 0xff
H: 0xdf
E: 0x07
Marcduino V3 Firmware:
L: 0xFF
H: 0xD7
E: 0xFC

Infos about Marcduino Firmware:

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