Control systems overview

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There are several control systems available for R2 droids.
Some are outdated and others have a much bigger community and/or support.
This article should show you quickly the differences between them.

For in detail information go to specific article.

In principle, the systems do not differ that much.

Every system can control the movements and panels. The main differences are in the extended functions and the controller used.

Almost every system uses an Arduino Mega 2560 with USB host shield as the base module. To do this, you need the right receiver for the controller and the corresponding sketch.

The special thing about Shadow MD and Shady RC is that they naturally support Marcduinos. These allow triggered sequences with sound, light and panel animation etc.

But even if you use Padawan360, for example, the droid can be expanded with Marcduinos. These will then be controlled via a smartphone and XBEE.

System nameControllerServo supportLights supportSound supportWiki article
Shadow MDPS3 Move Navigation Controlleryesyesyes
Shady RCRC (+ Smartphone)yesyesyes
Padawan 360XBOX360 Controlleryesyesyes
Padawan ShadowPS3 Move Navigation Controlleryesyesyes
PadawanPS2 Controlleryesyesyes
R2 ControlPS3 Controlleryesyesyes
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