Data Port Logics VU – DPL VU

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The Data Port Logics VU is an enhanced version of the original DPL for Astromechs and has been released 2021/02.
Main difference to the classic DPL are the additional digital RGB Leds.
The other Leds are driven by a Maxim7219 LED driver chip as usual.
It’s a DPL with more blink blink.
With coding you can show battery status via the digital Leds, use it as a VU meter or whatever your creativity tells you.

Differences to the “regular” CBI & DPLs:

  • Everything on 2 pcbs – Arduino, terminals for power and voltage sensor are integrated in the DPL – even added I2C & serial breakout
  • Better tracing
  • Improved LED alignment 

DPL VU with CBI+
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