Periscope Logic Lights

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The Periscope Logics are a custom PCB kit for Matt Zwarts Domelift Periscope – but should fit almost all Periscopes.
It needs 5V and can run standalone or be controlled via serial command or I2C.
Firmware is still not final but running the needed sequences.
(we just want more sequences and full integration into the Benduino/Marcduino system)

Arduino 328P Version:

Pinout corresponding to the sketch:
Pin 5 – Main Lights
Pin 10 – Right Side
Pin 3 – Left Side
Pin 2 – Bottom Leds
Pin 6 – Top Leds
Pin 9 – Rear Leds

Available at

ESP32 Version:

Programming the ESP32 Version:

You need an FTDI programmer.
Connect 5V and GND as usual.
Cross connect RX and TX (RX goes to TX and vice versa)


Starte den upload in der Arduino IDE und warte bis diese Zeichenfolge kommt:

Then press and hold the flash button
Press the reset button briefly (reset is still pressed)
Release the reset button

The upload should now start

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