Manual 2-3-2 Shoulder Fix from Martín Tamburelli for MK3

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Martín Tamburelli developed a manual 2-3-2shoulder fix for the MK3 Body.
With this you can manually position the R2D2 in upright position for easier transport etc.

These files are a mod of Mr. Baddeley’s files. Printing settings are the same as shown in his tutorial. For mor information regarding original files please visit

This Shoulder Module Fixed is intended to be used for manual 2-3-2 transition only. For controlled 2-3-2 please visit the forum.

3/8 Bolts size used with nylon lock nuts.

Files to print:

1x – BShoulderModuleFixedLeft_MT (Left Leg)

1x – AShoulderModuleFixedRight_MT (Right Leg)

2x – Lock_2-3-2 a (one for each leg)

2x – Lock_2-3-2 b (one for each leg)

2x – Nuts_Holder (one for each leg, it will help you to lock the nuts from inside when you screw-unscrew the bolt from outside, avoiding using your hands from inside)

Happy building!

Martín Tamburelli


2-3-2 Shoulder on the left – “normal” shoulder on the right

More images within the archive

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