AstroCan Bridge

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The AstroCan Bridge serves as the receiver module for the AstroCAN Pro Dual Shield, enabling wireless connectivity to the main controller. With this module, you can wirelessly transmit serial commands and communicate via the CANbus protocol.

Additionally, it can function as a transmitter for an already established system, providing wireless connectivity for body/dome connections.


  • ESP-NOW Wireless Dome<->Body Comm (serial, Canbus, I2C)
  • Support for Benduinos & classic MarcDuinos via Serial
  • CAN-Bus for upcoming CAN-enabled Astromech Devices
  • JTAG-Live Debugging
  • R2TOUCH-Support (optional, no need for XBEE)
  • Status Leds for serial & CanBus transmission

The ESPNow system is exclusively utilized for connecting the body and dome. It efficiently transfers all CAN signals and one serial interface between the dome and body through ESPNow. Consequently, only a 2-wire slipring is necessary to power the dome, as all signals are transmitted via the ESPNow interface.

All modules adhere to a standardized size and possess an identical “Astrobus” interface. This uniformity enables secure mounting onto the electronics board without the need for extensive wiring. However, the use of the Astrobus is not mandatory, and traditional free-floating wiring can be used if preferred.

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