Dome Motor

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The dome motor’s primary function is to rotate the dome, as its name suggests. A popular choice for this purpose is the Pittman geared motor, commonly available in models such as GM9413, GM9234, and GM9236. When equipped with the appropriate gearbox, the latter two models offer significantly enhanced torque and speed.

However, cost-effective alternatives like Chinese geared motors have also proven to be highly effective. These are easily accessible on platforms like eBay and are known for being Pololu style motors. The models frequently used include the 350RPM motor with a gear ratio of 29:1 and the 200RPM motor with a gear ratio of 50:1. These motors typically have dimensions of approximately 37mm in diameter and 53mm in length.

For operation, these motors are connected to a Syren10 motor driver and are powered by a 12V supply.

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