Lazy Susan

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The Lazy Susan is essentially a large bearing mechanism commonly used for dome rotation, particularly in the context of robotics and models, such as a printed R2 unit. A standard Lazy Susan designed for a printed R2 typically features an outer diameter of approximately 450mm or 18 inches, and a height of around 10mm.

This device operates on a simple yet effective principle: it consists of two plates or surfaces that rotate relative to each other, with a set of bearings in between to facilitate smooth movement. The top plate, which is the surface that moves, can easily rotate 360 degrees around the center axis, allowing objects placed on it to be accessed from all sides without needing to move them physically. This is particularly useful in applications like dining tables or cabinets, where items can be shared or accessed more conveniently. The use of a Lazy Susan in dome rotation for models like the R2 allows for a smooth and efficient turning of the dome, which is essential for realistic movement and functionality.

450mm lazy susan

I bought mine from EBay but a very good source is Granite Earth:

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