Benduino Sideshow

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The Benduino Sideshow circuit board was developed on order so that a static R2D2 can be equipped with dome movement and sounds.

The system is controlled by an ESP32, a DFPlayer for MP3s and a Cytron MD13S motor driver.
The motor driver does not have to be used, any motor driver can be connected that is controlled via PWM or serial protocol (if you write your own code), since the pins are also available as a terminal in addition to the conductor track.

In addition, some pins are freely accessible and all important pins are on terminals.

The sketch in the file attachment is not yet final but fully functional (sound/dome).
It controls random dome movements and plays random sounds from the SD card.
The next sketch version should offer a web interface with which further settings etc. will be possible.

Dimensions: 91x71mm


IO16 – DF TX
IO17 – DF RX
IO18 – PWM Cytron (or external motor driver)
IO19 – DIR Cytron (or external motor driver)
IO12 – TX
IO15 – RX
IO35 – Encoder A
IO34 – Encoder B
IO22 – SCL
IO21 – SDA

IO2, 4, 13, 14, 23, 25, 26, 27, 32, 33 are usable via pins for free usage

The Audio out is available via the Audio terminals or 3.5mm headphone jack


The Benduino Sideshow features two major power terminals. The left terminal (VIN 12v) supplies 12v power to the system, while the right terminal (Dome Motor) powers the dome motor (input varies depending on the motor used, such as 6V, 9V, 12V, etc.).

Insert an SD card into the DFPlayer with the attached MP3 files.

Connect the speakers using the lineout option, either through the terminal or the headphone jack.

That covers the basic setup.

Available at

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