EY-3B (Rover EyeBot)

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EY-3B is a Mini Droid from Mr. Baddeley.
It’s a super easy print and build remote controlled droid.


  • Simple Build
  • Fast Print
  • Needs only cheap basic electronics
  • 6 wheel direct drive
  • Super easy wiring

Recommended Print Settings:

  • NO support needed
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 3 outer walls (1.2mm)
  • ~15% infill

Needed electronic components:

  • 2x Pololu 50:1 37Dx54L 12V motor
  • 1x FS90R Servo
  • 2x MG92b Servo
  • Cytron MDD10A motor driver
  • 6 channel (only 3 needed) RC controller/receiver (Needs Tank Mix!)

Instructions with more information is are attached below.

For more information check out the Mr. Baddeley Group and the files are available in Mr. Baddeleys Patreon

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