Logic Controller

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The Logic controller is a custom developed pcb for a R7 Astromech unit which has 2×2 FLDs chains and 2 PSIs.
It can be used to wire traditional Teeces to it (minor code changes needed) and/or 3 digital light chains via DOUT 1,2 & 3. Out 1-3 are twice on the board.
Under the Nano is a mini buck converter to provide stable 5V if you want to power it between 7-12V.
Or simply use the 5V input terminal.

Available at shop.printed-droid.com

The Pinout is:
Out 1:
D: D12
C: D11
L: D10

Out 2:
D: D9
C: D8
L: D7

Out 3:
D: D4
C: D5
L: D6

DOUT 1: D2
DOUT 2: D3
DOUT 3: D13

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