Magic Panel 32 (wireless)

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The Magic Panel 32 board has a full-color 8×8 Led matrix on the front.
The system is controlled via an ESP8266 or ESP32 on the back.
It’s purpose is to fit into the upcoming full wireless (except power wires -of course) control system

The system can be operated standalone (power on / off) or offers a command structure that can be controlled via a serial, I2C or wireless.

The ESP on the back can also be left out, as the digital input pin is also externally accessible.

Pinout ESP8266:
Pin 0 – Leds
Pin 3 RX – RX
Pin 1 TX – TX
Pin 4 – SDA
Pin 5 – SCL

Pinout ESP32
Pin 17 – Leds
Pin 1 RX – RX
Pin 3 TX – TX
Pin 21 – SDA
Pin 22 – SCL

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