Fused 12 Wire Mini Slipring Interface – RJ45

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The Printed Droid Fused 12 Wire Slipring Interface was developed by Nitewing inspired by from the R-Series Slipring Interface from Michael Erwin. It is used to connect the Dome Slipring to the electronics so that they easily can be unplugged.
The signal wires are also on the RJ45 port. For easy connection from Astrocomms to Dome AIO

The main features are:

The 12 Wire Slipring Interface pcb comes in a pack of 2
(You need your own Mini Fuse (~7.5A), slipring and and DB15 connectors (male/female)

The main features are:

  • 1 Led showing the power status
  • all connections are terminal connectors 
  • Signal wires are also on the RJ45 port
  • fused powerline
  • you can choose if you want to run the powerline fused or unfused
  • cheaper slipring

Available at shop.printed-droid.com

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