Padawan Shadow

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Padawan Shadow is based on the original Padawan system and was developed by Darren Blum.
The Shadow stands for Small Handheld Arduino Droid Operating Wand.
And this wand is the small PS3 Move Navigation Controller
Latest update was 2014-11

Used components:

Arduino 2560 with USB Host Shield or Arduino Mega ADK
Class 1 CSR 4.0 USB Bluetooth Dongle (Note: Class 1 is important for range!)
PS3 Move Navigation Controller
Sparkfun MP3 Trigger (or others. see Astromechwiki)
Speaker + Amp
Sabertooth 2x32A
Syren 10
Motors for dome drive and feet.

The Padawan can control Teeces lights and R-Series Holoprojectors, sound. driving system and dome rotation

There’s even an addon for sensors.

The successor of Padawan Shadow is Shadow MD

Link on Astromech Wiki:
Link to original topics:
Link to Software on Github:
Link to Sensor Code on Github:

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