AstroCan Pro Dual Board

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The AstroCan Pro Dual Board can easily be added to existing Shadow MD systems without any additional system adjustments, including software modifications. It serves as the initial entry point into the Astro CAN world and aims to replace the flawed Host-Shield-2.0 models available in the market. This shield combines the capabilities of the CAN bus and the USB mini host shield. For individuals experienced in CAN, the dual-CAN feature allows for the establishment of two separate bus systems with varying speeds to handle different tasks, such as integrating high-speed sensors with either 500kbps or 1Mbps. Additionally, it may also support future CAN-Bus motor controls.

Unlike the AstroCan Pro Dual Shield, the significant distinction of this board is that the Mega2560 (2560 pro!) is located on top of the board rather than underneath.


  • Single or Dual-CAN-Bus for upcoming CAN-enabled Astromech Devices
  • Onboard USB-Host-Shield (tested and working!)
  • Onboard DF-Mini-Player (alternative to MP3-Trigger)
  • External Sound Board Support (MP3-Trigger, Vocalizer, etc.)
  • Stable onboard Power Conversion
  • JTAG-Live Debugging
  • R2TOUCH-Support (no need for XBEE)
  • ESP-NOW wireless Communication to any other AstroCAN-Module
  • Screw Terminals for all ShadowMD connections
  • Status Leds for serial & CanBus transmission

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