B2EMO Logics

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The B2EMO Logic Light System is intended for Michael Baddeley B2EMO V1.

It consists of:

  • Control board
  • Large circular logic light
  • Small circular logic light
  • 3 rectangular body lights
  • Small “triangular” logic panel

The control board uses an ESP32 as a brain and can therefore also be connected wirelessly to the body (currently no code available).

The Logic lights are controlled ivia a three -wire cable. Connected either via pin header or screw terminal.

Furthermore, 4 pins are available for other use.

It is controlled either via wifi, I2C or serial commands.

Also on board is a DF player that can be controlled by the ESP32 and has a lineout via 3.5mm headphone jack or pins.

Supply voltage are stable 5V

The existing print files may have to be revised or replaced with the print files linked below.

Available at shop.printed-droid.com

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