Astrocomms MP3 Mini

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The Astrocomms MP3 Mini is an alternative for the Sparkfun MP3 Trigger.

It’s only usable with a Shadow MD setup (Astrocomms).
It needs 5V input to power it. And the signal pin needs to be connected to the DomeMaster Pin (Dome TX).
Either via screw terminal or header pins.

The MP3 Files need a 4 digit number and need to be placed within a folder called “MP3”.

For test purposes you can hook up 2 speakers (max. 3W with 8Ohm) directly via screw terminal.

Sound out is line out via a 3.5mm headphone jacket.

The software on the Arduino is a Marcduino v3 master firmware set to DFPlayer mode.

The Soundfiles i use are in the attachements below and are already renamed for the DFPlayer

Available at

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