Shady RC dEvolution

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The Shady RC dEvolution Control System, developed by joymonkey, is based on the SHADOW MD sketch.
The biggest difference between Shadow MD and Shady RC is that Shady RC uses a traditional RC Tranimmetr/Receiver for controlling the drive system and dome rotation.

The rest is controlled via Marcduinos (either via Smartphone App with Xbee or via the iBUS protocol of the RC).

If you habe no clue what a Marcduino is look it up here: Marcduino

The system is still in an early stage and there are 2 sketches available.
Used components:

Turnigy Evolution RC Transmitter + Receiver
best Receiver would be the iA10B
Sparkfun MP3 Trigger
Xbee System
Speaker + Amp
Sabertooth 2x32A
Syren 10
Motors for dome drive and feet

It can controll Teeces, Flthy Holoprojectors, R-Series Holoprojectors and servos.
It can run sequences etc.

Look at the Astromech wiki/thread for further instructions.It controls motion, lights and sound of the droid.

Link to Astromech Wiki:

Link to Astromechthread:

Github Link:

And the Marcduino developers site:

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