Foot Motor

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For the foot motor of an Astromech, typically two motors are required, commonly the MY6812 models, also known as Scooter motors. These motors are available in a range of 100 to 150 watts and come in either 12-volt or 24-volt versions. The choice of voltage (12V or 24V) significantly impacts the motor’s amperage. Higher voltage motors can provide more power without increasing the current, which means they can run more efficiently at higher speeds and with greater torque. Lower voltage motors, on the other hand, will draw more current to provide the same power, which can lead to quicker battery drain and potentially more heat generation. This choice of voltage should be tailored to the specific requirements of the Astromech, considering factors like desired speed, torque, and overall power efficiency.

Moreover, the MY6812 motors, used in Astromech foot motors, feature two additional variations in motor shaft types. One type involves a shaft that is glued and then secured with a safety ring. This method ensures a firm hold and stability of the shaft during operation. The other type employs a shaft that is attached using a screw mechanism, providing a different approach to securing the motor shaft.

However, the choice between these shaft types is less critical in the context of Astromech construction because, regardless of the shaft type, the drive gears (or sprockets) on these shafts need to be removed for the specific application in an Astromech droid. This removal is necessary to fit the Astromech’s unique mechanical requirements and to customize the motor for its specific role within the droid. Therefore, whether the shaft is glued with a safety ring or screwed, this aspect becomes secondary since the primary focus is on modifying the motor to suit the Astromech’s design needs.

Furthermore, in the realm of Astromech foot motor options, there are also brushless motors and specialized motors available. However, it’s important to note that these types of motors cannot be controlled using a Sabertooth motor controller. The Sabertooth is designed primarily for brushed motors and may not be compatible with the electronic requirements of brushless or certain specialized motors. This compatibility issue is crucial when selecting motors for an Astromech droid, as the choice of motor directly affects the choice of motor controller. Builders need to ensure that their selected motors can be efficiently and effectively managed by the controller they plan to use, keeping in mind the specific operational and control requirements of their Astromech project.

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