Domelift controller

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The dome lift controller operates using Matt Zwart’s dome lift concept and his code.
It is powered by an Arduino Mega 2560 pro, a servo PWM board, and 3 motor drivers. Furthermore, certain pins are connected externally, and 2 mosfets are integrated to regulate a smoke machine or similar devices.
An interface for the forthcoming wireless system is also included.
During the wiring- and testing phase, all functions can be managed using buttons.
Eventually, a command structure will be implemented, allowing control via a serial or i2c interface.

  • 12 end stops
  • 2 controlled mosfet-switches
  • 6 motors
  • up to 16 servos

The sketch in the file attachment is based on Matt Zwart’s sketch, is not yet final as regards the integration into the Benduino / Marcduino system

Available at

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