Shadow MD – Droid Control System

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The Shadow MD – Droid Control System is based on the SHADOW Arduino Sketch & the MD is standing for MarcDuino.
It combines an Arduino based “Masterbrain” that controls other small arduino based devices called Marcduinos or Benduinos.

If you have no clue what a Benduino is look it up here: Benduino
For Marcduino look here: Marcduino

Used components:

Arduino 2560 with USB Host Shield (or Arduino Mega ADK)
Class 1 CSR 4.0 USB Bluetooth Dongle (Note: Class 1 is important for range!)
1-2 PS3 Move Navigation Controller
Sparkfun MP3 Trigger (or others. see Astromechwiki)
Xbee System
Speaker + Amp
Sabertooth 2x32A
Syren 10
Motors for dome drive and feet

It can controll Teeces, Flthy Holoprojectors, R-Series Holoprojectors and servos.
It can run sequences/animations, trigger sounds etc.

Paring the Controller: Look here

Controller Layout:

Look at the Astromech wiki/thread for further instructions. It controls motion, lights and sound of the droid.

More Information on the Astromech Wiki:

And Astromech Forum:

And the Marcduino developers site:

Shadow MD code for using Q85 Motors:

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