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The MarcDuino system is based on Arduino. It controls animatronics (panel movement, lights and sound) of the droid.
It was developed by Mowee/Curiousmarc.

This is a Marcduino v1.5 PCB:

His site can be found here:

The Marcduino v1 and v2.0 are outdated. You should go with the v1.5 (Marcduino compact). It runs the latest Firmware and is pretty small.
The system uses 2 Marcduino boards. The Master and the Slave board. Hardware is the same, they differ by the flashed firmware.

The Master controls the Dome panels and Sound . The Slave controls the Holo Projectors and Lights

You can buy Marcduino Boards on the Astromech Forum or solder them by yourself.
The support thread on Astromech:

If you want to solder them by yourself, here’s the needed component list:

Software for the MarcDuino:

Firmware for MarcDuino:
Just follow the instructions

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