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DO-BB1 is a Droid from Mr. Baddeley.
DO-BB1 is a “variant” of D-O and is definitely a droid for slightly more experienced builders.
The structure is more complex than the mini droids.

Build difficulty:

Advanced to expert (depending on the options you choose)


  • 150USD – 300USD (depending on the options you choose)


  • Full features
  • Sound
  • Movement / Drive & Head

Recommended Print Settings:

  • NO support needed
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 3 outer walls (1.2mm)
  • ~15% infill(some parts need more, see instructions)

Needed electronic components:

  • Cytron MDD10A dual motor driver
  • various servos
  • some screws, bolts, bearings
  • DF player, Speakers
  • GY521
  • 2x 7.2v 2200mAH battery pack (watch size)
  • 10 channel RC

Where to get:


Where to find support:


For more information check out the Mr. Baddeley Group and the files are available in Mr. Baddeleys Patreon.
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelBaddeley/videos

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