Huyang Boards

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The Huyang boards were developed with Jeanette for this Professor Huyang Charity version:
By purchasing the STLs, you support the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation.
More information about Huyang can be found here:

The code and more information can be found on Jeanette’s GitHub:

The set consists of 3 boards:

  • The Mainboard (2 versions for Wemos D1 Mini or ESP-12E – both are ESP8266 boards)
  • The Chest Lights Board with 2 LEDs
  • The Eyes & Servo Board


(2 versions for Wemos D1 Mini or ESP-12E – both are ESP8266 boards)

The Mainboard requires a DF Player for sound output in addition to the ESP, with line-out via pin header and headphone jack available.
The PWM Servo Board is also connected to the Mainboard (see schematic).

The Servo Board signal pins 4-6 are fed back into the Mainboard and then to the Eyes & Servo Board.

The Mainboard requires 1x 3.3V and 1x 6V power supply (the second 6V terminal merely forwards the 6V to the head).

The Mainboard is connected to the Eyes & Servo Board via a 14-pin flat ribbon cable (about 50cm in length) and a 6V line from terminal to terminal.

Eyes and Servo Board:

Three servos are directly connected to the Servo Board, and signals are transmitted from the PWM board upwards via flat ribbon cable.

The displays are plugged directly into the 2 pin headers (FEMALE!).
It might be wiser to solder the servo pins on the backside, please pay attention to the labels on the front side!

Chest Lights Board:

The Chest Lights Board is directly connected to the Mainboard and has solder pads instead of pins on the back.

Additionally, the following are needed:

  • ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini or ESP-12E)
  • DF Player + SD Card
  • A Servo Board (PCA9685 16 Channel – 12-bit PWM)
  • 2 GC9A01 1.28″ TFT Displays
  • 4x 25Kg Servos
  • 4x 60Kg Servos
  • 1x 80Kg Servo
  • 1x Monocle Servo (currently unknown)
  • Stable 3.3V power supply (system)
  • Stable 6V power supply (servos)

Basic wiring diagram for Servos etc:

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